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John Stott’s Right Hand: The Untold Story of Frances Whitehead

by Julia Cameron (Piquant Editions, 2014)

This portrait – moving, informative, challenging, and not without humour – focuses on the woman who for 55 years served as John Stott’s gatekeeper, administrator, typist, encourager and friend. It  gives an insider’s perspective not just on a formative and explosive growth period in recent evangelical church history, but also on many human and mundane aspects of the life of John Stott, who shaped that history so intensely. Behind every successful leader there is a dedicated management team … in this case it was a team of one dedicated woman, in response to God’s calling, enabled and gifted very singularly for the task.

As one reviewer responded: “I loved it.  Made me want to read John Stott’s books now (which I’m ashamed to say I never have done!).” 

Chris Wright, International Ministries Director of Langham Partnership International, worked closely with John and Frances. In his foreword to this book he observes: “What strikes me most, as I read Julia Cameron’s beautifully-crafted biography … is the awesome providential sovereignty of God. Here were two individuals, with some similarities in their background and upbringing … with very different life experiences and mixtures of personality traits, gifts, interests and competences. And yet, by a series of what might look like coincidences, or random choices (a lunchtime walk; a visit to an art-gallery), God engineered their coming together into a working partnership in which the gifts and energies of both could be fully deployed – serving each other in multiple human and hum-drum matters, and serving God’s mission in their generation.”